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Are you letting your new home prospects dwindle because they don’t meet your “dream home” specs from the first photo you see on MLS?

Front Yard Facelift: Maximizing Curb Appeal

Exterior makeovers - can be simpler than you think and create a big impact on improving the curb appeal of a home. Whether you DIY or hire an expert there are several quick and budget-friendly ways as a new homeowner that you can use to achieve a whole new look, improving the first impression of your new property.

Landscaping - even if you don’t have a green-thumb, updating the landscape around your home can substantially change the look of your new home. Pulling weeds and adding new mulch cleans up potentially tired flower beds. Trimming aged hedges and integrating low-maintenance shrubbery and plantings livens up the natural beauty of your home’s façade. Find annual flowers in accent pots at your local garden center to help brighten up entrances or fill in window boxes.

Bricks & Pavers - for homes with further setbacks from the street, a walkway comprised of stone pavers or bricks can be used to break up large areas of grass and to direct flow to your front door. If your home already has a walkway, examine the pavers to see if they might need replacing due to cracks or re-leveling due to settling. Another simple and inexpensive solution is power washing your walkway. These small changes can make a huge difference in the overall appearance.

Exterior Paint - chances are, if you are buying a home that is not New Construction, you may not have the same color preferences as the previous owner. Changing the color of your home doesn’t have to be a big hassle. If you’re not ready to change the color of your siding or shingles, it is easy and affordable to make small changes like the front door or shutters. Painting a door is a great DIY project for beginners. Don’t be afraid to go bold or choose colors that accentuate the features of your home. Even garage doors can be refreshed by adding a fresh stain on a clean surface after power washing.

Have a little more in your budget to spend?

Sometimes the functional parts of a home can be detracting from its curb appeal too.

Gutters, Trim & Lights- features like gutters and trim that have been in use for years might just need to be replaced or painted to create a sharper look from street view. If your home has exterior lighting fixtures, changing them out is fairly easy and doesn’t always require the help of an experienced electrician.

Roofs & Windows - for bigger-budget updates like roof and windows, don’t underestimate the impact that these can make. An opportunity to replace a roof also presents a chance to change the color and size of shingles. Choosing a different roof style can either be an understated minimal change that completely updates the look (and function) of your home. If windows need upgrading, it is a smart idea to weigh the cost and benefit of repairing vs replacing. Many homeowners choose to replace windows to opt for energy efficiency and savings on heating and cooling bills.

Check out what transformation can be made by just a few wallet-friendly updates:

New colors picked by the homeowner gave this property a fresh look.

Renovations add instant equity to real estate. The new owner of this commercial property updated the property by adding new vinyl siding, new roof and windows for the exterior. Upon appraisal, the property value increased by nearly 10% from the purchase price.

House need some TLC? Bring your design ideas and finishes!

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